15 May 2017: IEEE Milestone Dedication Ceremony for Gotland HVDC Link

After a nomination process led by IEEE Sweden PE/PEL Chapter, the Gotland HVDC link taken in operation in 1954 has been awarded an IEEE Milestone for being “the world’s first commercial HVDC transmission link using the first submarine HVDC cable”. IEEE Milestones are awarded to important technical achievements like Volta’s battery invention, Maxwell’s equations, invention of the transistor and the CD player.

On May 15, a bronze plaque will be unveiled at the HVDC converter station at Ygne, Gotland, by chair of IEEE Sweden Mats Edvinsson and representatives of Vattenfall and ABB. After the ceremony there will be a guided tour of the station and a seminar with presentations by ABB, Vattenfall and IEEE Fellow Göran Andersson, professor emeritus at ETH Zürich.

Welcome to attend the celebration! For more information and registration contact Olof Samuelsson (046-2227504, olof.samuelsson@iea.lth.se), IEEE PE/PEL Sweden Chapter. Number of participants is limited.

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