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Reach your full potential as part of the world’s largest technology community.

IEEE is a worldwide community of technology and engineering professionals, united by a common desire to continously learn, interact, collaborate and innovate.

Over 420 000 individuals in more than 160 countries are members of IEEE, one fourth of which is made up of undergraduate and graduate students. For 130 years, IEEE members have helped shape the world’s technology future.

As a an IEEE member, you are

  • Part of the world’s largest community of technology professionals – a network of communication and learning that is unrivalled in the industry.
  • Presented with resources, opportunities and discounts to help advance your professional goals while supporting the IEEE mission.


IEEE Member Benefits

myIEEE– an interactive web portal exclusive to IEEE Members which allows for the customization of the member experience using gadgets, RSS feeds, et. al.– Internet television offering exclusive programming about technology and engineering.

IEEE memberNET– an online search and networking tool that enables members to connect with technical and engineering experts worldwide.

IEEE Potentials Magazine – the only student-focused magazine within all of IEEE!

What’s New for Students– electronic newsletter for students and graduate student members highlighting resources and new benefits within IEEE.

IEEEXplore – discounted access to more than 3 million documents.

IEEE ResumeLab– an online service that allows IEEE members to develop a resume or curriculum vitae using a wide array of resume templates.

IEEE email alias– free for members with virus protection and spam filtering.

IEEE Discounts– membership pays for itself with as much as 50% off IEEE products.

Career Alerts– a weekly email containing career advice plus the job of the week from the IEEE Job Site.

Job Site– helps to locate career opportunities easily.


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