ED Chapter

Seminars and Meetings 2022

December 23: Celebration of 75th Anniversary of the Transistor


November 23: 30 years of Silicon Carbide excellence in Kista

Seminars and Meetings 2021

December 17: Si thickness influence on subthreshold currents at high temperatures in FDSOI CMOS

December 15: Spintronics vs. Electronics

March 10: WBG Power Center Seminar: IEA/PECTA activities

Seminars and Meetings 2020

December 16: Printed Electronics – Small Inks, Big Sustainability

October 22: Si-passivated Ge Gate Stacks with Low Interface State and Oxide Trap Densities Using Thulium Silicate

October 1: Life on Venus, and how to explore Venus with high-temperature electronics (recording available on www.WorkingonVenus.se)

Welcome to the IEEE Sweden Electronic Devices Chapter. The chapter was established in 1995 by Mikael Östling. Our mission is to arrange and support technical meetings, workshops, and conferences on the topic of electronic devices and electronic materials.

For more information about our chapter and our activities, please, send us an e-mail.

Chair: Carl-Mikael Zetterling, Fellow IEEE

Vice Chairman: vacant

Secretary and treasurer: B. Gunnar Malm, Senior Member IEEE

Member(s): vacant

Past Chair (1995-2016): Mikael Östling, Fellow IEEE