30 years of Silicon Carbide excellence in Kista

Discover the unique SiC innovation hub and meet with founders and stakeholders.

For more than 30 years, KTH, RISE and the Electrum Laboratory have been at the center of research and development of advanced Power Semiconductor (wide bandgap, WBG) Silicon Carbide technology. State of the art research, innovations and startup companies continuously come out of the SiC hub in Kista, creating real, sustainable impact.

During the event you will learn about the latest developments and possibilities in SiC, discover the role and function of the SiC innovation system in Kista and enjoy the opportunity to network with SiC pioneers, companies and founders.

Some of the topics that will be highlighted:

  • Electrum laboratory; more than just a lab
  • KTH, the Royal Institute of technology, 50+ doctoral dissertations in SiC and WBG
  • RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden; role and function
  • The importance of incubators; KTH Innovation & STING – Stockholm Innovation and Growth
  • Networks of companies, entrepreneurs, and investors
  • PECTA – International collaboration and coordination
  • Possibility to connect with the SiC ecosystem founders and stakeholders

NOTE: This event is dedicated to the memory of John Palmour, Wolfspeed.

Program: Wednesday, November 23, 13.00 – 16.00

Place: Electrum building, Sal B, Kistagången 16, Kista

13:00-14:00 Presentations from KTH

RECORDING of First Hour (slides on link)

Welcome and Introduction

Marco Giertz, CEO Visit Kista AB, Carl-Mikael Zetterling, Professor KTH, Nils Nordell, Director Electrum Laboratory, Anders Hallén, Professor KTH

How SiC revolutionizes Sustainable Power Electronics

Carl-Mikael Zetterling, Professor KTH

The history of Silicon Carbide and world class SiC research at KTH in Kista

Anders Hallén, Professor KTH

The Electrum Laboratory; more than just a lab

Nils Nordell, Director Electrum Laboratory

STING – Stockholm Innovation and Growth; world’s best incubator/accelerator

Dr Raoul Stubbe, deeptech business coach

Smartare Elektroniksystem

Thorbjörn Ebefors, Program Director

14:00-15:00 Coffee break & guided tours of the Electrum Laboratory

75 years anniversary transistor cake

Network with SiC pioneers, companies and founders

A transistor-based competition with a SiC transistor giveaway

15:00-16:00 Hear the success stories of SiC founders and pioneers

RECORDING of Second Hour (slides on link)

Onsemi – Martin Domeij, Senior Director R&D Engineering

Coherent – Andrei Konstantinov

KISAB – Johan Ekman, CEO

ST Microelectronics – Björn Magnusson, Site Manager

Epiluvac – Roger Nilsson, CTO

Hitachi Energy – Muhammad Nawaz, Principal Scientist, not in recording

RISE – Björn Samel, VP RISE

Swedish Energy Agency – Peter Bennich, Senior Policy Advisor