1) Planning of Events

Events are entered twice with vtools:

  1. Before the event, in order to be able to advertise the event. All events that are scheduled in vTools Events are showcased in IEEE Collabratec and can be promoted on websites and eNotices. It also simplifies the coming L31-reporting of the event. Schedule the event here: events.vtools.ieee.org
  2. Logg in on the ieee.se WordPress dashboard. Press Events and add information. This will make the event appear in the list of Upcoming Events on the ieee.se web. Make use of the event link that vtool generated in the previous step.
  3. To create more visibility, press Posts and describe the event as a blogg post. This will be shown as a newsflash on the ieee.se main page.
  4. After the event, the event must be reported (confirming of outcome) in order for the event to be included in the Rebate calculation. Search your event here https://events.vtools.ieee.org/meeting_view/search and click Report in the left column. Follow the instructions. A confirming email will be sent if the reporting was done correctly.

For joint events, only one unit can benefit points for Rebate: A meeting jointly sponsored by more than one unit (Chapter, Affinity Group, or Section) may qualify as a meeting for each, but will count toward the activity bonus of only one of the units. For further policy details on organising joint events, please consult the Member and Geographic Activity Operations Manual: https://mga.ieee.org/board-committees/operations-manual