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Lunch seminar Tuesday 2023-12-12; 12:15-13:00

You are cordially invited to a lunch seminar by Professor Daniel Varro, Linköpings universitet. Please spread in your organization


Refinery: Automated Generation of Consistent and Diverse Domain-specific Graph Models


When engineering complex software systems, knowledge representations often take the form of domain-specific graph models. For instance, the system architecture in automotive or avionics applications are captured by standardized models. Moreover, tool qualification as necessitated by safety standards require a large and diverse set of consistent graphs as test cases or design candidates tailored to the application domain. Furthermore, system-level testing of autonomous vehicles may also rely on synthetic test contexts and abstract test scenarios captured as graphs. In this talk, I present the conceptual foundations and a short demo of the open-source Refinery framework, which can automatically derive a diverse set of consistent domain-specific graph models from a high-level domain specification and consistency constraints. As shown by extensive experimental evaluation, Refinery can generate significantly larger and more diverse graphs than state-of-the-art solver-based model generators.

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Up-coming events 2024

18th MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Cyber-Physical Product Development, February 6-7, 2024

Linköping University

Deadline for submissions of abstracts and draft presentations/papers: Aug 31 Nov 20, 2023

Keynotes for MODPROD Workshop 2024:

Dr. Chris Rackauckas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
”Connecting Scientific Machine Learning with Acausal Modeling”
Prof. Lars Mikelsons, University of Augsburg. ”Use Cases of Machine Learning in Model-Based Engineering”
Prof. Jan Bosch, Chalmers University. ”AI Engineering: A Research Agenda”
Viktor Björkgren, Saab Dynamics. Title to be announced.

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Short bio: Dr. Kristian Sandahl is professor in Software Engineering at Linköping University since 2001, where he is the manager of the Programming Environment Laboratory (PELAB). He is a true enthusiast for the exchange of knowledge between practice and academia, and during his career he worked both for a small spin-off company as well as for Ericsson AB.

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Professor Simone Fischer-Hübner, Department of Computer Science, University of Karlstad
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Short bio: Jonas Mellin received his Ph.D. in computer science at University of Linköping in 2004. In particular, he has worked in pattern detection and analysis in distributed (active) real-time databases and has now moved on into information fusion as well as simulation of large-scale complex environments.