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___Coming events____________________________________________________________

Dec. 9th, 2021: IEEE on-line seminar “Integration of Inverter-Based Resources, an example of ERCOT” by Dr Julia Matevosyan, Link

___Selected past events________________________________________________________

Nov. 4th, 2021: IEEE Seminar on “High Power Density Converter Designs – New Circuit Topologies, Control Techniques, and Packaging to Achieve Extreme Size Reductions in Applications Ranging from Datacenter Power Delivery to Electric Aircrafts.” by Professor Robert Pilawa-Podgurski, UC Berkeley, Link

Sep. 23rd, 2021: IEEE Seminar on “Electrical vehicles for sustainable developments with a European perspective”, by Professor Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Link

May 26th, 2021: IEEE Seminar on “Microgrids: Swedish and International Perspectives” by invited experts from academia and industry, Link

Apr. 23rd, 2021: IEEE Lunch Webinar: “The role of inertia and fast frequency control in the Nordic power system” by Dr. Robert Eriksson, Svenska kraftnät,  Link

Nov. 11th, 2020: Research plans and needs for the Nordic transmission-system operators,  Link

Mar. 14th, 2019:Seminar on Resilient Distribution Systems by Professor Chen-Ching Liu Director,Power and Energy Center at ECE, Virginia Tech,  Link

Mar. 4th, 2019: Annual General meeting of the IEEE Chapter of Power & Energy Society and Power Electronics,  Link

Dec. 10th, 2018: Two-Dimensional Soft Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion,  Link

Nov. 5th, 2018: 181105-IEEE-PES-Seminar-SEK-IEEE Seminar on Grid Capacity and Flexibility – Challenges and Solutions;  Link

Oct. 15th, 2018: IEEE Sweden Chapter PE/PEL seminar, KTH Campus, Electrical Engineering, Teknikringen 33  Link

Oct. 1st, 2018: IEEE Sweden Chapter PE/PEL seminar, New trends in AC transmission and distribution  Link

Sep. 11th, 2018: IEEE Sweden Chapter PE/PEL seminar, KTH Campus, Electrical Engineering, Teknikringen 33  Link

Sep. 10th, 2018: IEEE Sweden Chapter PES/PEL Seminar at KTH, KTH Campus, Lina Bertling Tjernberg;  Link

March. 1st, 2018: Membership meeting, KTH Campus, Electrical Engineering, Teknikringen 33  Link

Nov. 20th, 2017:  2017 Annual Membership meeting of IEEE Sweden Chapter PE/PEL; ABB Västerås;  Link

May 15th, 2017 was a proud and a special day. The very first IEEE milestone in Sweden was dedicated at a ceremony at the HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) station at Ygne, Gotland, Sweden. PE/PEL Chapter took part in this historic event.

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The current board of the PE/PEL Chapter

Chair: Ambra Sannino,

Vice-chair: Qianwen Xu, 

Treasurer: Sara Rönnberg,

Secretary: Olof Samuelsson,, +46 46 222 7504

Membership development: Gabriel Miguel Gomes Guerreiro,

Webmaster: Daniel Johannesson,

Student Representative: Dhruvi Ajit Shukla,

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