Miscellany on Magnetism

Here we provide a collection of media, readings and materials convering from fundamental magnetism to applications for divulgation at different levels, including higher education. For very advanced topics and higher education videos we also suggest visiting the IEEE tv channel of the IEEE Magnetics society here.

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Reading materials

Notes and readings about history and applications of magnetism, and the benefits for society (Spanish only):

Notes about units in magnetism (English only):

  • Comments on Units in Magnetism, L. H. Bennett, C. H. Page, and L. J. Swartzendruber. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH of the National Bureau of Standards, Volume 83, No.1 , Jonuary- February 1978.
  • Units for Magnetic properties, R.B. Goldfarb and F. R. Fickett, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Colorado 80303,  March 1985.

Fundamental Magnetism

1. Magnets

What the HECK are Magnets?

2. Quantum Spin

What is Quantum Spin?

3. Maxwell equations and fields

Maxwell's Equations Visualized (Divergence & Curl)

4. Special relativity and electromagnetism

How Special Relativity Fixed Electromagnetism

Applications and Society

1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI: Basic Physics & a Brief History

Bernhard Gleich, Jürgen Weizenecker and team - Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)