The Students Workshop on Magnetism: From Fundamentals to Applications

In 2022, the “Workshop on Magnetism: From Fundamentals to Applications” was successfully organized by the Spanish Magnetism Club and sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society. The event was held in Llanes, Asturias and attracted a diverse group of 38 students and young researchers, with 25% of participants coming from foreign institutions in Italy, the USA, Thailand, and Chile.

During the workshop, participants learned about the fabrication and fundamental properties of magnetic materials, advanced characterization and simulation techniques, and their current applications in energy, information and communication technology (ICT), and medicine.

The lectures were given by 20 prominent speakers, including Ron Goldfarb from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Manuel Vázquez, Professor at CSIC and former President of the IEEE Magnetics Society, Pilar Marin Palacios, Director of IMA Instituto de Magnetismo Aplicado, and Eugenio Coronado Miralles, Director of EIMM – European Institute of Molecular Magnetism, among others. It is worth mentioning that both among the speakers and among the young researchers, 40% were women.

The participants also had the opportunity to enhance their training through round table discussions on scientific dissemination and women in science, as well as seminars on how to write engaging scientific articles and improve their oral communication skills. Additionally, they were given the opportunity to present short talks on their theses or ongoing projects. The presence of industrial representatives from IMA – Ingeniería Magnética Aplicada., a leading manufacturer of magnets and electromagnets, added a valuable perspective to the workshop.

The Organizing Committee of the Workshop was composed by Irene Lucas (Univ. Zaragoza), Montserrat Rivas (Univ. Oviedo), Rafael Pérez (ICMM-CSIC) and José Miguel García-Martín (IMN-CSIC).

The summary report of this activity is here.