Experts From The Non-Academic World

This initiative, which began in 2021, aims to bridge the gap between magnetism expertise in industry and academia by featuring talks by renowned experts working in the field of magnetism.

  • The primary objective of these talks is to offer pre-doctoral students and early career scientists in magnetism an in-depth understanding of job opportunities beyond the academic realm. Additionally, they provide senior researchers with insights into the latest developments in industry.
  • The talks are conducted in two parts. First, the expert delivers a 40-minute presentation on their career, current job, and its connection to magnetism. Then, a 20-minute question and answer session follows. The entire activity lasts no longer than 60 minutes.

Do you work on magnetic topics and want to participate? Contact us! On this page, we provide a few selected examples

Dr. David García Gómez, Airbus Defence & Space

Dr. Juan Luis Muñoz, ESS-European Spallation Source

Ana Seoane, IMA Magnets

Javier Alonso and Carlos Roces, FELEMAMG Experts in industrial magnetism