As a special response to the potential lack of ventilators in hospitals, our IEEE Mauritian Section members partnered with able engineers from IET, IEEE University of Mauritius Student Branch (UOM), IEEE University of Technology Mauritius Student Branch(UTM), doctors from medical field as well as industry volunteers to design, build, program and assemble an apparatus to automate a bag-valve-mask (manual resuscitator) commonly known as ambubag.

10-April-2020: it is a proud moment when the final team gathered at the Electronics lab of the University of Technology Mauritius (UTM) to assemble the 3D-printed parts, motors, Arduino and other components. At the end of the exercise, when the prototype apparatus was powered on all volunteers were overjoyed to find it working!

Next action: Being at prototype stage, the apparatus will undergo a series of rigorous testing and fine-tuning before handing to the concerned authorities for approval.

Special thanks to the various teams who worked together as well as those who facilitated the processes. The list of all volunteers shall be published shortly.

By Neecharl Ramprosand

Chairman | IEEE Mauritius Section