He was dressed very well, wearing a jacket and a suit. We are talking of a virtual meeting of course. Profession is his second name! Whom we are talking about? Sorin Cristoloveaunu for sure… I met him first time in Grenoble in 2011, when I was a PhD student, now we share thoughts during a distinguished lecture. Isn´t that crazy???

The distinguished lecture on Revolutionary nano-devices with electrostatic doping was held on October 25, 2021. It was organized by the EDS Germany Chapter and co-sponsored by the NanoP from THM – University of Applied Sciences and University Rovira i Virgili. The DL was attended by 17 IEEE participants, as well as other non IEEE members.

The distinguished lecture of Sorin from IMEP-LAHC, Minatec, France gave an outstanding perspective on the concept of electrostatic doping, offering advantages and examples for different type of devices, e.g. Charge Plasma Devices, RFETs, Carbon Nanotube Electrostatic Devices, and many others.

After introducing into the topic and giving typical applications of NWs and 2D materials, Sorin emphasized the attendees of electrostatic doping by the “Hocus-Pocus Diode”. He showed the different configurations due to electrostatic doping (see picture) which led finally to a full virtual diode. The metamorphosis of several PIN diodes and its impacts, as well as the metamorphosis of TFETs and Z²-FETs and their applications were presented by Sorin. A comparison of FED, Z²-FET and Z³-FET concluded the FDSOI devices with electrostatic doping during the talk. It was an honor to meet Sorin again after so many years and we had a great dinner at the evening 🙂