The distinguished lecture on “Impact of defects on semiconductor materials and devices” was held on December 7, 2020.  It was organized by the EDS Germany Chapter and co-sponsored by the NanoP from THM – University of Applied Sciences. The DL was attended by 17 participants, with 10 IEEE participants and 7 guests.

Prof. Mike Schwarz, ED Germany Chapter chair kindly introduced Prof. Simoen from imec and the University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium .

Prof. Simoen started with a motivation of impacts of defects on semiconductor. Afterwards, he continued his lecture with a detailed overview on the defect formation in hetero-epitaxy systems. Then he explained the electrical impact of defects and gave a lot of insights in various measurement methods, e.g. DLTS. He discussed GR noise and  GR noise spectroscopy as further measurement methods to detect defects. Then he presented several case studies, e.g. “Impact on leakage InGaP & GaAS p-i-n diodes” and “GR noise spectroscopy of GaN-on-Si MOSHEMTs. Finally, he concluded his talk by a summary with all important effects.

A huge thank you to all participants and Eddy Simoen.