AMO is co-organizing an exciting workshop together with the University of Bristol, within the framework of the ZeroAMP project. The workshop will take place on June 30, 2022, at Clifton Hill House in Bristol, and it will showcase the novel technology developedwithin the ZeroAMP project,as well as insightful talks by external speakers.

The goal of the ZeroAMP project is to realize non-volatile memory and FPGA prototypes capable of withstanding 300 °C and over 1 Mrad radiation doses – something absolutely impossible to achieve with conventional CMOS technology. The trick for achieving this amazing robustness is to develop digital electronics based not on transistors but on nanoelectromecanical switches (NEMS).  NEMS can, indeed, work in a much broader temperature range than conventional transistors, sustain high radiation levels, and have very low power consumption.

ZeroAMP technology can be a game changer for all applications that require electronics with some combination of high-temperature capability, radiation hardness and very low energy consumption – e.g. space electronics, smart tracking-devices, or IoT devices for remote environments.

In addition to insights on ZeroAMP technology, the workshop will feature talks byexternal speakers such as Marco Ceccarelli of the European Commission, who will present an overview of the EU Chips Act and its ramifications for chip design and supply chains in Europe, orStefan Ernst of X-FAB GmbH, who will provide a foundry perspective and on the market potential of NEMS technology

The full agenda and and more information are available here. The workshop is free of charges upon registration, and will also offers demos and ample opportunities of networking.

The ZeroAMP project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871740.