September 2020 - 29th International Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference ERK 2020

At ERK 2020, Computational Intelligence was held as CS.1 session.

ERK 2020 Website

22 July 2020 - WCCI 2020 in progress

Several CIS Slovenia members are present at WCCI 2020 conference. This year, WCCI is offering free virtual platform registration for all IEEE CIS members. The presentations will be available one more week after the presentations on the virtual platform.

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January 2020 - Register Today for Our Next Event

Randomization-Based Deep and Shallow Neural Networks (Distinguished Lecturers Program (DLP) Talk)

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January 2020 - Submit Your Papers Today for 2020 IEEE WCCI

Submission Deadline is January 30, 2020!

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January 2020 - Submit Your Papers Today for BEADO Special Session at WCCI 2020

Special Session on Benchmarking of Evolutionary Algorithms for Discrete Optimization (BEADO) - Submission Deadline is January 30, 2020!

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January 2020 - Submit Your Papers Today for CIASE Special Session at WCCI 2020

CDSS-14 Special Session on Computational Intelligence in Aerospace Science and Engineering (CIASE) - Submission Deadline is January 30, 2020!

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Ales Zamuda
Chapter Chair
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About this IEEE CIS Chapter



Mission statement for IEEE Slovenia CIS

Advancing nature-inspired computational paradigms in science and engineering to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Business Plan for IEEE Slovenia CIS

  • Overall, to support IEEE CIS journals (e.g. IEEE TEVC journal) and conferences (e.g. IEEE WCCI) through voluntary engagements.
  • Engaging members of the Local Chapter to contribute to local activities and suggest additional plans and to carry out and report additional activities.
  • Coordinate and work together with parent units IEEE Slovenia and IEEE CIS.
  • Members of IEEE Slovenia Section have been asking for establishment of the Chapter before in previous years and by successful establishment this aims to further engage their interest and hence local support.


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