Dear Colleagues,

 “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” —Robert Frost

The year 2020 is here at last, it is the beginning of a new decade! A decade full of surprises in Innovation, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Arts, and all new emerging trends in modern technologies. It is a year of great expectations across board, eventually we made it!

“You can never plan the future by the past.” —Edmund Burke

We, the IEEE Nigeria Section therefore, must only review the mistakes of the activities in the past for a better future, not only relishing on the past achievements. Looking at the ongoing events across the African Continent, as compared to the previous legacies, we can only state that it is better late than never. We have to catch up and surpass few if not all.

The IEEE Nigeria Section, established in 1978 and rejuvenated in the 90’s is better known for the best regional performance in all affinity groups and organized units of the IEEE, especially the Student Branches. This needs to be sustained as a matter of urgency, and this is how most of us were discovered, ‘gown to town’.

For the next 2 years, we intend achieving the following (s):

  • Taking You (members) Closer to the Industry.
    • Attracting and Supporting Students and Young Professionals.
    • Membership Drive 1-on-1.
    • Section Vitality (Volunteers, Activities of Chapters, Affinity Groups, and Student Branches) through direct Technical Engagement (s) and Humanitarian Activities.
    • Regular Feedback from You (members)
    • Challenges (with a focus on what support is required from the elected officers).
Best Wishes
John Funso-Adebayo
Chair, IEEE Nigeria Section