Membership Drive and Technical Presentation was organized by the IEEE ComSoc, Nigeria Chapter co funded by the IEEE ComSoc, HTB and Sule Lamido University Kafin Hausa Jigawa State, Nigeria. The Guest speaker of the event was Dr. Rislana Abdulazeez Kanya, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Technology and Innovation, Technical Adviser on IT and Digital Economy. Dr. Rislan presented a paper on “Leadership Reflections: Meeting the Rising Expectations of 21st Century Jobs and Works”. In the beginning of  the program, Prof. Nasir Faruk, ComSoc Chair gave the welcome address, acknowledging the presence of some invited speakers and participants, a brief introduction about IEEE, ComSoc and the objectives of the membership development program which is solely for technical and professional advancement as it is important to the communications industry.

Four Hundred and Twenty Nine (429) participants were introduced about the IEEE, qualifications required to be an IEEE Member, IEEE membership categories and membership dues. Some of the benefits of accuried from joining the IEEE memebrship were highlighted. Previous IEEE ComSoc events held in 2023 were presented to encourage membership development. Participants were encouraged to join the IEEE ComSoc – a network of professionals, experts, and advisors, to help grow, shape their career, provide resources for learning new skills and reach their full potential in the communications industry.

Thereafter, Dr. Rislan presented a paper on “Leadership Reflections: Meeting the Rising Expectations of 21st Century Jobs and Works. He iterated that the landscape of work is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Automation, globalization, and technological disruption are redefining job requirements and demanding a new breed of leader – agile, innovative, and attuned to the complex expectations of the 21st century. This presentation invites undergraduate students to embark on a journey of critical reflection, exploring the evolving concept of leadership in the face of these rising expectations.

The paper delve into the changing demands of modern workplaces, dissecting the essential skills and mindsets needed to thrive in this fluid environment. From embracing ambiguity and fostering collaboration to leading a midst constant change and navigating ethical dilemmas posed by emerging technologies, the discussion will challenge students to redefine their understanding of what it means to lead effectively. Through the lens of real-world examples and case studies, students will engage in introspection, critically examining their own leadership potential and identifying areas for development. From honing their communication and emotional intelligence to cultivating adaptability and a growth mindset, furthermore, the presentation explore essential tools for building a leadership toolkit fit for the future.