Award of the IEEE Germany Section EMC Society Chapter

Each year the IEEE German EMC Chapter awards Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. theses for outstanding contributions to the field of EMC. The thesis must have been obtained by a University, University of Technology, or University of Applied Sciences located in Germany. Theoretical and experimental contributions are equally considered. The award consists of a certificate and a book price.


Nominations for 2024 must be submitted to the chair of the jury, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Dickmann, before 30 September 2024 by e-mail: stefan.dickmann (at) Detailed description as well as a list of requirements are available here.

Past Awards

  • 2023 Best Master Thesis: J.N. Aigner. Best Bachelor Thesis: M. Bredenfeld.
  • 2022 Best Ph.D. Thesis: M. Raya. Best Master Thesis: J Ch. Wegner. Best Bachelor Thesis: M. Thode.
  • 2020 Best Ph.D. Thesis: A. Bendicks. Best Master Thesis: J. Grund. Best Bachelor Thesis: R. Engelmann.
  • 2019 Best Ph.D. Thesis: T. Reuschel.
  • 2018 Best Ph.D. Thesis: T. Fiedler. Best Bachelor Thesis: L. S. Kussel.
  • 2017 Best Ph.D. Thesis: E. Balzer. Best Master Thesis: Ö. F. Yildiz. Best Bachelor Thesis: S. Kaupmann.
  • 2016 Best Ph.D. Thesis: A. Vogt. Best Master Thesis: F. Burghardt. Best Bachelor Thesis: C. Siebauer.
  • 2015 Best Master Thesis: C. Vierck. Best Bachelor Thesis: F. Burghardt.
  • 2014 Best Ph.D. Thesis: D. Hamann. Best Master Thesis: J. B. Preibisch.
  • 2013 Best Master Thesis: C. Bednarz. Best Bachelor Thesis: M. Alija.
  • 2012 Best Ph.D. Thesis: M. Magdowski. Best Diploma Thesis: E. Zang.
  • 2011 Best Ph.D. Thesis: R. Rimolo-Donadio.
  • 2009 Best Ph.D. Thesis: V. Vahrenholt. Best Master Thesis: E. Genender.
  • 2008 Best Ph.D. Thesis: S. Balling. Best Bachelor Thesis: S. Müller.
  • 2007 Best Ph.D. Thesis: A. Schoof.
  • 2006 Best Ph.D. Thesis: S. Battermann. Best Master Thesis: A. Hübler.
  • 2005 Best Ph.D. Thesis: H. Haase. Best Master Thesis: V. Vahrenholt.