IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter


IEEE is your professional home for access to technology and engineering communities around the world, and its IEEE Society members tackle tomorrow’s biggest challenges ranging from climate change and biomedical engineering to artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and beyond.


Add value to your IEEE membership by joining one or more of IEEE’s 39 industry-leading technical Societies. The IEEE’s related societies to our chapter are:

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP)

The field of interest of the Society includes the following: antennas, including analysis, design, development, measurement, standards, and testing; radiation, propagation, and the interaction of electromagnetic waves with discrete and continuous media; and applications and systems pertinent to antennas, propagation, and sensing, such as applied optics, millimeter- and sub-millimeter-wave techniques, antenna signal processing and control, radio astronomy, and propagation and radiation aspects of terrestrial and space-based communication, including wireless, mobile, satellite, and telecommunications at all frequencies.

IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (MTT)

The field of interest of the Society shall be theory, techniques and applications of guided wave and wireless technologies spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from RF/microwave through millimeter-waves and terahertz, including the aspects of materials, components, devices, circuits, modules, and systems which involve the generation, modulation, demodulation, control, transmission, sensing and effects of electromagnetic signals.

CHAPTER CELEBRATION DAY on September 20, 2023

September 20, 2023, Celebration Day Achievements

One  Year
253  IEEE Member Attendees
1449  Non-IEEE Member Attendees
1702  Total Attendees / Year

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Chapter Member Responsibilities

According to the IEEE Bylaws, the Chapter’s Member is responsible to the IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter Board of Committee for:

  • Promoting the theory and practice of engineering and the related arts, sciences, and technologies, as well as their application, for the benefit of IEEE members worldwide and the public (non-IEEE members).
  • Encouraging and assisting IEEE’s related societies, councils, and committees to the chapter in creating and delivering to their international clients suitable and timely intellectual property products, in printed or electronic form, or through conferences on current or emerging technologies.
  • Giving IEEE’s related societies in the chapter a way to participate in the creation of standards.
  • Recognizing excellence through various awards and staying up to date with new technical developments across all interesting fields.
  • Promoting the necessary adjustments to the IEEE’s technical activities to recognize new and emerging fields as well as those with declining technical importance.
  • Participating and assisting the chapter in publicizing all the events it organizes or participates in.
  • Participating in organizing events announced by the chapter according to the member’s specialization and skills.
  • Supporting the chapter in all local and international schools, universities, colleges, and institutes through advertising and increasing the number of members.




1.     Yasser M. Madany 2.     Hassan Elkamchouchi 3.     Ayman Almahallawy 4.     Esam Hagras
5.     Amgad A. Salama 6.     Mohamed E. M. Nasr 7.     Mohab Gaber 8.     Abdelrahman Abbas Abdelrahman
9.     Farouk Mahmoud Farouk 10.  Hatem Gamal Taha 11.  Khaled Mohsen Abdelrahman 12.  Mahmoud Saleh Mustafa
13.  Mohamed AbdElazeem Mohamed 14.  Mohamed Ahmed Mansour 15.  Mohamed Ibrahim Ghozl 16.  Reda Mohamed Ali
17.  Salem Ahmed Salem 18.  Mervat Mohamed El-Seddek 19.  Ahmed Abdelnaby Kabeel 20.  Wageda Ibrahim
21.  Suliman Mahdy 22.  Mohamed Fouad 23.  Ahmed EL-Maghrabi 24.  Youssef Ahmed Abd Eldaim
25.  Abd Elrhman Ahmed Abd Eldaim 26.  Naglaa Fayez Elgzar 27.  Hassan Abou Seada 28.  Mazen Gomaa
29.  Sohair Ahmed Abd Eldaim 30.  Eman Alaa Khalil 31.  Khaled Osama 32.  Mai Sallam
33.  Mostafa Nasr Mohamed 34.  Rehab Mahmoud 35.  Gamal Mahmoud 36.  Sara Eltawar
37.  Ibrahim Abdalla 38.  Amna Said 39.  Mai Fakhrey 40.  Wegdan El-Nadoury
41.  Ahmed Fahmy 42.  Mai Gamal 43.  Youssef Amr 44.  Hams Mansy
45.  Mahmoud Sameh 46.  Phillip Ssempeebwa 47.  Ahmed Elkolaly 48.  Abdelrahman Talha
49.  Mohamed Elalawey 50.  Mahmoud Megahd 51.  Youssef Hatem 52.  ‪Abdelrahman Hamouda‏
53.  Ramy Mohamed 54.  Marwa Abubakr Abdelazim 55.  Nour Badr 56.  Aseel Morad
57.  Asmaa Abd Elsalam Basher 58.  Youssef Emad 59.  Amira Elsonbaty 60.  Mohamed Abdelnaby Alnagar
61.  Ahmed Alob 62.  Abdullah Ibrahim 63.  Mohammed Al-Sabahi 64.  Ahmed Hamdy
65.  Mohamed Omar 66.  Eslam El saied 67.  Yasmen Hesham 68.  Mohammad Abuoelezz
69.  Ahmed Lotfy 70.  Yassin Elmetwaly 71.  Muhammed Metaweaa 72.  Seifeldein Ahmed
73.  Rawan Mohammad 74.  Mohamed Tahoon 75.  Abdullah Rashed 76.  Hana Saeed
77.  Mohamed Hamed 78.  Ashraf Eltayeb 79.  Ahmed El-Damshity 80.  Mohamed Saad Elhadidy
81.  Farah Khaled Elmesallmy 82.  Mohammed Alasmar 83.  Ahmed Hanae Kassem 84.  Rawan Mohammed Albialy
85.  Ahmed Abdelkhalek 86.  Gasser Amr 87.  Khaled Osama 88.  Roshdy Abdelrassoul
89.  Mohammed Abdulfattah 90.  Abdelrahman Hani 91.  Mohamed Magdy 92.  Eslam Mohamed
93.  Mohamed Okasha 94.  Anas Makled 95.  Rehab Adel 96.  Amr Ahmed Zeina
97.  Youssef El-ebiary 98.  Eman Alnagdy 99.  Abdelrahman Abdrabo 100.    Mahmoud Mahroos
101.    Abdelhameed Elkhadrgy 102.    Dunya Abouzeid 103.    Mohamed Ragab 104.    Ahmed Hossam Sayed
105.    Hossam Elshamy 106.    Alaa Ibrahim Abdelfatah 107.    Fatma Eldiasty 108.    Zeyad Elgendy
109.    Ahmed Ramadan Mohamed 110.    Mohamed Ismail 111.    Hatem Khater 112.    Khaled Khalaf
113.    Mohamed Abd-Alrazzaq Anwar 114.    Aisha Alashri 115.    Ziad ElSherbini 116.    Raneem Zaky
117.    Sohila Badawy 118.    Mohamed Thabet 119.    Aya Abd Elsalam 120.    Salma Eid
121.    Ahmed ElRefaei 122.    Haneen Mohamed Siyaam 123.    Esraa Mohamed Hamed 124.    Ahmed Dorbok
125.    Hala Ahmed Ramadan 126.    Mahmoud Kurdi 127.    Zainab Ahmed 128.    Nada Abd-Elshafy
129.    Hadeer Ebeed 130.    Ziad Kotb 131.    Bahaa Younes 132.    Osama Elfeky
133.    Mahmoud Hassan 134.    Sana Ibrahim 135.    Moaaz Hussien 136.    Rahma Abdelal
137.    Fares Osama 138.    Nader Emam 139.    Esraa Ali Abdelaziz 140.    Mohamed Elnahas
141.    Marwan Mostafa 142.    Abdelrahman Almasry 143.    Abdelkader Ismail 144.    Yassen Ahmed Eid
145.    Yousef Mahmoud 146.    Ahmed Samy Elnozahy 147.    Tayseer Abdelazeem 148.    Ehdaa Mahdy Abd Elhady
149.    Kareem Adel 150.    Mohamed Abdelwahab 151.    Mayar Mohamed Rady 152.    Mohamed Ezz Eldin Ahmed
153.    Shady Al Kashawy 154.    Mario Magdy 155.    Abrar Rizk 156.    Caterine Semaan
157.    Tasneem Mohammed 158.    Youssef Hamed 159.    Mohamed Mahmoud Elkenany 160.    Peter Joseph
161.    Ramy Agieb 162.    Mahmoud Mousa 163.    Asmaa Attya Shalaby 164.    Mahmoud Elsharkawy
165.    Waleed Ali 166.    Khaled Elneklawy 167.    Habiba Fathy 168.    Randa Hosni
169.    Ahmed Omran 170.    Hanaa Salem Marie 171.    Arwa Abo Zaher 172.    Aya Mohamed Abbas
173.    Mohamed Elawady 174.    Manar Moghzy Barakat 175.    Ahmed Helaly 176.    NourElden Nabil
177.    Shahd Abdullah 178.    Ahmed Elzayady 179.    Esraa Eleraky 180.    Ahmed Hussein
181.    Islam Alaa 182.    Abdelraouf Mohamed 183.    Abdelrhman Elzogbhi