IEEE Egypt Section Chapter, AP03, MTT17 - Alexandria

Welcome to the IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter (IEEE Egypt Section Chapter,AP03,MTT17-Alexandria) website for the IEEE members. Joint Society Chapter provide members with a broader perspective of interests, potential events, and information sharing. Joint Society Chapter activities reflect the interests of both participating Societies, and that all members from each participating Society are invited to all Chapter events.


  • Inspire, Enable, Empower, and Engage IEEE Members.
  • To promote innovation and excellence in antennas, propagation, and electromagnetics theory, technology, and applications for the benefit of humanity.
  • To promote the development and application of RF and microwave theory and technology.
  • Encourage dynamic inter-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Encourage leadership and participation.
  • Foster and promote cutting-edge, innovative ideas.
  • A professional development platform; flexible participation opportunities; access to experts; mentoring; peer recognition; accumulated knowledge.


  • Continue to provide high-quality member engagement opportunities.
  • Technical communities collaborating to be the preferred home for all professionals, both local and global.
  • Essential to the world’s electromagnetics and microwave communities. Furthermore, be universally recognized for the contributions of antennas, propagation, electromagnetics, and RF and microwave technologies, as well as its professionals, to improving global conditions.
  • Sensitivity to member needs, insight into the industry’s future environment.
  • A welcoming, collaborative community deserving of global volunteerism.

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IEEE Egypt AP-S_MTT-S Joint Chapter Journey to the End of the Year 2023