Processing of inertial sensors data in water sports

Recent engineering design and technology advancements now allow the use of quantitative movement analysis also in a hostile environment, such as water. It is fundamental to perform an informed interpretation of the many information that can be extracted from the acquired data. The present seminar will tackle this specific aspect, presenting a real-time data processing of inertial sensors data acquired during water sport motor tasks. A typical signal processing flow, from data plotting, pre-processing to key performance indicators extraction will be presented within the MatlabĀ® environment, with the aim of highlighting the crucial aspects that has to be taken into account throughout inertial sensors data processing.

Silvia Fantozzi - Biosketch

She has earned the M.S. degree in electronical engineering (1999) and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering in 2003 at the University of Bologna where she is currently Associate Professor. Her research activity mainly concerns human movement analysis, by means of several methodologies such as stereophotogrammetry, fluoroscopy, inertial sensors, and electromyography in orthopaedics and sports science applications. Prof. Fantozzi serves as board of directors of the Italian Society of Clinical Movement Analysis (2013-2017); she is Associate Editor for Frontiers in Sports and Active Living (2019-) and Sensors (2021-). She co-authored more than 100 publications.

Associate Professor

University of Bologna

Via del Pilastro 8, 40127 Bologna, Italy