Emiliano Schena

In office from 15 Jan 2018 

Emiliano Schena is Associate Professor in Medical Device and Physiological Measurements at Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma (Rome-Italy). He received the Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma in 2009. His main research interests include systems for monitoring physiological parameters, application of fiber optic sensors in medicine, and laser ablation for cancer therapy.

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Vice Chair

Lorenzo Capineri

In office from 1st Mar 2020

Lorenzo Capineri was born in Florence, Italy, in 1962. He received the M.S. degree in electronic engineering, in 1988, the doctorate degree in nondestructive testing, in 1993, and postdoctorate in advanced processing method for ground penetrating radar systems from the University of Florence, in 1994. In 1995, he became an Associate Researcher and an Associate Professor of Electronics with the Department of Information Engineering (formerly Department of Electronics and Telecommunications) with the University of Florence, in 2004. In 2017 he received the National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor in Electronics. He has coauthored six Italian patents, three book chapters, and around 200 scientific and technical papers. His research interests include the design of ultrasonic guided waves devices, buried objects detection with seismo-acoustic methods, and holographic radar.  He is member of Senior Member of IEEE and valued member for 37 years. He is Fellow of Electromagnetic Academy and Fellow of British Institute of Non Destructive Testing .



Danilo Pani

In office from 15 Jan 2018

Danilo Pani (Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2006, University of Cagliari, Italy) is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Cagliari, Italy. His research interests are in the field of real-time digital processing of bio-signals and medical devices. Main achievements regard fetal ECG, textile electrodes, wearable electronics, real-time embedded processing of signals from the peripheral nervous systems for motor neuroprostheses, telehealth systems. He is author of more than 90 indexed publications, 5 patents and received 6 awards in conferences and industrial challenges. He is PI of the DoMoMEA project, and unit coordinator for the EU project CONVERGENCE and the PRIN project ICT4MOMS.



Paola Saccomandi

In office from 15 Jan 2018

Paola Saccomandi (PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma, 2014) is Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano since 2018. The main research interests of Paola and her team include: fiber optic sensors and biomedical imaging, the development of light-based approaches for hyperthermal tumor treatment and monitoring, measurement systems for the monitoring of physiological parameters. Currently she is the PI of the ERC starting grant LASER OPTIMAL (GA 759159), one national grants from Cariplo Fundation (LASEROPTIMA@POLIMI) and one from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (HYPERSIGHT). Paola has published more than 160 papers in international and peer-reviewed journals and conferences proceedings. She is active member of different IEEE societies since 2012, and special sessions organizer and Technical Program Committee member of IEEE conferences.

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Riccardo Sabbadini

In office from 1st Jul 2019

Riccardo Sabbadini received the B.S. in Industrial Engineering in 2019 from Università campus Bio-medico di Roma, and now is Master Student in Biomedical Engineering at UCBM. He’s lab collaborator at MTMBI Lab at UCBM. He is student member at IEEE since 2018.

Past Officers


Former Vice Chair

Calogero Maria Oddo

In office from 15 Jan 2018 to 1st Mar 2020

Calogero Oddo has a Ph.D. in BioRobotics from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA), Pisa, Italy, MSc and BSc in Electronic Engineering from University of Pisa, 1st and 2nd level degrees in Industrial and Information Engineering from SSSA all with honours. He is currently Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Bioengineering. He has over 65 conference and journal publications. He has a growing portfolio of successful research grants and he was/is co-PI or WP leader within EU-H2020, EU-FP7, National and Regional projects. In 2012 he was finalist in the “Georges Giralt PhD Award”, and in 2009 he was finalist for the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE RoBio Conference. He has a H-index of 18 and a total of 1400+ citations (source: Scholar).