What should we measure in strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning is part of daily athletes’ activities in their quest to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Strength and conditioning programmes are nowadays developed and administered by specialists and involve various activities from weightlifting to specific training sessions on ergometers, training fields, specialized environmental rooms and unique environments/equipment. The aim of this talk is to have an historical overview of strength and conditioning and related technologies, present some of the current modalities for data collection and analysis, identify the challenges and opportunities for research and integration of knowledge and discuss real-life applications and market needs.

Marco Cardinale - Biosketch

Prof. Marco Cardinale is the Executive Director of Research and Scientific Support at Aspetar Hospital in Qatar, one of the few IOC and FIFA excellence centers in the World. A Sports Scientist with extensive experience in various fields, He was the Head of Sports Physiology and Research of Aspire Academy in Doha (Qatar) from 2013 to 2020. Before moving to Qatar, he led the Sports Science activities for the preparation of Team GB (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) at the Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012 Olympic Games. A widely published and cited author in the scientific literature on various aspects of human performance, he has also patented an innovative exercise device consisting of a vibratory biofeedback system which received research awards from NEStech and the Design Council.

Executive Director of Research and Scientific Support

Aspetar Hospital

Sports City Street, Inside Aspire Zone, Al Buwairda St, Doha, Qatar