What should we measure in team sports?

Over the last 10-years, football has seen tremendous changes. Football organizations now are leveraging science and data to make more informed decisions, trying to reduce risks and make success more reliable. During his talk, Mathieu will explain how football clubs use data to optimize player acquisition, development and management. He will then focus on day-to-day strategies used by sports scientists or match analysts to support key stakeholders making better decisions.

Mathieu Lacome - Biosketch

Mathieu Lacome is currently the Chief Performance and Analytics officer at Parma Calcio 1913. He is currently leading a multidisciplinary team encompassing sports scientists, match analysts, strength and conditioning coaches and data scientists that, together, aim at providing the best evidence-based and data-informed support to decision makers. Previously, he worked 6 years in Paris Saint-Germain notably as head of research and innovation. Throughout his career, Mathieu improved his football intelligence acumen, leveraging his human performance knowledge, data science interest and passion for communication with data and innovation. Mathieu still enjoys collaborating on research projects and published more than 35 peer-reviewed papers.

Chief Performance & Analytics Officer

Parma Calcio 1913

Centro Sportivo Strada Nazionale Est, 1, 43044 Collecchio, Parma, Italy