2012 – Davide Visani

Davide Visani (XXIV Ciclo, University of Bologna):“Fiber-Optic Technologies for Wireline and Wireless In-building Networks”

2010 – Vito Sorianello

Vito Sorianello (XXII Ciclo – Università di Roma Tre):“Germanium on Silicon near infrared photodetectors”

2009 – Melania Paturzo, Pierluigi Pilla

Melania Paturzo (XX Ciclo, Università di Firenze):“Optical devices based on micro-engineered lithium niobate crystals: from material characterization to experimental demonstrations”

Pierluigi Pilla (XX Ciclo, Università del Sannio – Benevento):“Modal Transition in Nano-sized High Refractive Index Coated Long Period Gratings: Principles and Applications to Chemical Sensing”

2008 – Domenico Donisi

Domenico Donisi (XX Ciclo, Sapienza Università di Roma):“Advanced photonic components based on holographic gratings for optical communications, environmental monitoring systems and biophotonics”

2007 – Mauro Benedetti, Marco Consales

Mauro Benedetti (XVIII Ciclo, University of Pavia):“Crittografia ottica caotica”

Marco Consales (XIX Ciclo, University of Sannio, Benevento):“Opto-chemical sensors based on carbon nanotubes”

2006 – Agostino Iadicicco

Agostino Iadicicco (XVII Ciclo, University of Sannio ):“Micro-Structured Fiber Bragg Gratings for Sensing and Communication Applications” 

2005 – Aldo Minardo

2005 Aldo Minardo (XVI Ciclo, Second University of Naples):“Fiber-optic distributed strain/temperature sensors based on stimulated Brillouin scattering”

2004 – Campopiano Stefania, Guandalini Annalisa

Campopiano Stefania (XV Ciclo, Second University of Naples):“Integrated antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides for sensing application”

Guandalini Annalisa (XV Ciclo,University of Pavia):“Impulsi laser ultracorti: materiali, tecniche di generazione ed applicazioni

2003 – Anna Pizzinat

Anna Pizzinat (XV Ciclo, University of Padova):“Analysis and Mitigation of Dispersive Effects in Optical communication Systems”