2022 – Valentina Bello

Dr. Valentina Bello (University of Pavia), with a thesis title “Smart micro-opto-fluidic sensing platforms for contactless chemical and biological analyses”, Supervisor. Prof. Sabina Merlo.

2021 – Giuseppe Emanule Lio

Giuseppe Emanule Lio (XXXIII Cilco, Università della Calabria), thesis title “Hyper Resolute Laser-Writing mediated by tailored ENZ Metamaterials: The specific case of All-Dielectric Broadband Metalenses” 

2020 – Flavio Esposito

Dr. Flavio Esposito (University of Naples Parthenope), with a thesis title “Design, fabrication and testing of Long Period Fiber Grating based sensors for physical, chemical and biological parameters”.

2019 – Stella Civelli

Dr. Stell Civelli (XXXI Ciclo, Università degli Studi di Brescia), with a thesis title “Nonlinear frequency-division multiplexing: theoretical aspects, numerical algorithms and experimental demonstration”.

2018 – Antonio Ferraro

Dr. Antonio Ferraro (Università della Calabria), with a thesis title ““From basic to advanced: design, fabrication and characterization of functional Terahertz devices”.

2017 – Costanza Lucia Manganelli

Costanza Lucia Manganelli (XXIX Ciclo, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – Pisa)“Investigation and modelling of novel silicon based integrated optics”

2016 – Vittorio Bianco

Vittorio Bianco (XXVIII Ciclo, CNR-ISASI)“Digital Holography Microscopy at Lab-on-a-Chip scale: novel algorithms and recording strategies” 

2015 – Danilo Bronzi

Danilo Bronzi (XXVII Ciclo, Politecnico di Milano):“Front-side and back-side illuminated spad arrays for 2D imaging and 3D ranging” 

2014 – Sara Coppola

Sara Coppola (XXVI Ciclo, Univ. degli Studi di Napoli Federico II);“Toward the manipulation of multiphase materials for nanobiotechnology applications in touch-less modality: a pyrofluidic platform”

2013 – Fabio Acerbi

Fabio Acerbi (XXV Ciclo, Politecnico di Milano):“InGaAs/InP Single Photon Avalanche Detectors for the near infrared range”