T-Day: the start of information age


On December 16 2022 we celebrate the anniversary of one of the most important technology revolutions of our times: 75 years ago the transistor was born.


The event is supported by the NPS Italy Chapter.












100 years in 100 minutes: Emilio Gatti and his legacy

On the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Emilio Gatti, one of the pioneering figures in electronics in Italy, a seminar is organized in his memory at Politecnico di Milano, where he carried out most of his activities as a researcher and as a teacher. The seminar will go through his main scientific contributions to the field of radiation detectors and the relevant readout circuits. The event, to take place on May 11 2022 starting at 2:15 PM (Rome time), will be available also online at the URL https://tinyurl.com/100anni100min.

The event is supported by the NPS Italy Chapter.