CH08807Lebanon Section Chapter, RA24/IM09/CS23Chapter
CH08482IEEE Computer Society Lebanon ChapterChapter
CH08777Lebanon Section Chapter, EMB18Chapter
CH08490Lebanon Section Chapter,COM19Chapter
CH08691Lebanon Section Jt. Chapter, AP03/MTT17/MAG33Chapter
CH08625Lebanon Section Jt. Chapter, IE13/PE31/CAS04/PEL35Chapter
LM80091Lebanon Section Affinity Group, LMAffinity Groups
WE80091IEEE Women In Engineering - WIE - LebanonAffinity Groups
GD80091IEEE Young Professionals LebanonAffinity Groups
STB20128City UniversityStudent Branch
STB05101American University of BeirutStudent Branch
STB07191American University of Science and TechnologyStudent Branch
STB19001Arts, Sciences & Technology Univ in Lebanon AULStudent Branch
STB16581Beirut Arab UniversityStudent Branch
STB16941Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, (USEK)Student Branch
STB18521Islamic University of LebanonStudent Branch
STB60231Lebanese American UniversityStudent Branch
STB17891Lebanese International UniversityStudent Branch
STB13851Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering-HadathStudent Branch
STB17911Lebanese University - TripoliStudent Branch
STB05361Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering-RoumiehStudent Branch
STB64288Lebanese University - Faculty of SciencesStudent Branch
STB61091Notre Dame University-LouaizeStudent Branch
SBA61091Notre Dame University-Lebanon, WIEAffinity
STB06091Rafik Hariri UniversityStudent Branch
STB00251Saint Joseph University School of EngineeringStudent Branch
STB17831University of BalamandStudent Branch
STB10149Antonine UniversityStudent Branch
LGR80091EPIEEE Beirut Entrepreneurship Group
SBA05101American University of Beirut, WIE
SBA05101SAmerican University of Beirut, SIGHT
SBA06091Rafik Hariri University,WIE
SBA16581Beirut Arab University,WIE
SBA17831University of Balamand, WIE
SBA60231Lebanese American Univ,WIE
SBC00251ASaint Joseph University School of Engineering, C16
SBC05101AAmerican University of Beirut, RA24
SBC05101BAmerican University of Beirut, EMB18
SBC06091Rafik Hariri University, EMB18
SBC071911American University of Science and Tech, EMB018
SBC16941Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, PE31
SBC16941AHoly Spirit University of Kaslik, EMB18
SBC17831University of Balamand, PE31
SBC17831AUniversity of Balamand, C16
SBC17891Lebanese International University, EMB18
SIGHT109IEEE American Univ of Beirut SIGHT
SIGHT116IEEE Lebanon Section SIGHT
STB14007Beirut Arab University - Tripoli
YP80091Lebanon Section Affinity Group, YP