The 5th IEEE Middle East & North Africa COMMunications Conference (IEEE MENACOMM 2024) will be held on 24-26 October 2024 at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in the heart of the beautiful city of Byblos – Lebanon. The coastal city of Byblos is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

The 2024 IEEE MENACOMM conference is organized and sponsored by the IEEE ComSoc Lebanon Chapter and the Lebanese American University (LAU).

The conference is technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc chapters consortium (IEEE ComSoc Bahrain Chapter, IEEE ComSoc Cyprus Chapter, IEEE ComSoc Egypt Chapter, IEEE ComSoc France Chapter, IEEE ComSoc/Signal Processing Joint Jordan Chapter, IEEE ComSoc Kuwait Chapter, IEEE ComSoc Lebanon Chapter, IEEE Computer Communications Morocco Joint Chapter and IEEE ComSoc Tunisia Chapter) and IEEE Lebanon Section.

The conference is handled by a steering committee including representatives of all technical co-sponsor MENA ComSoc chapters.

As part of the LAU centennial celebrations, IEEE MENACOMM 2024 will be hosted during a year brimming with exciting activities and events including presentations, workshops, conferences, debates, social gatherings, awareness campaigns and community outreach actions.

IEEE MENACOMM 2024 theme will be “Breaking Boundaries: Pioneering the Next Era of Communication”; the focus will be on encapsulating the spirit of exploration and innovation in the realm of communication. It envisions a future where traditional limits are shattered, paving the way for new and groundbreaking approaches to how we connect, share ideas, and collaborate. The theme encourages participants to embrace change, challenge existing norms, and collectively shape the trajectory of communication into uncharted territories. It’s a call to individuals and organizations to be at the forefront of this transformative journey, fostering a dynamic and inclusive dialogue that propels us into the next era of communication.

IEEE MENACOMM’24 will be a great opportunity for scientists, researchers and students from the region to meet with worldwide renowned researchers and industrial leaders.

The conference features a rich Technical Program with technical papers covering the latest technologies, applications and services. It also includes a number of Keynote talks by prominent researchers on cutting-edge research topics.

Prospective authors are invited to submit high-quality original technical papers for presentation at the conference and publication in the MENACOMM’24 Proceedings and IEEEXplore. All accepted and presented papers will be submitted to IEEEXplore, papers publishing will be subject to IEEE approval of the form and the quality of the papers.

Proposals for Tutorials, Workshops, and Forums are also welcomed.

The conference technical program will be built around four main tracks:
Track 1: Physical Layer and Fundamentals
Track 2: Wireless Networks, Connectivity, Security and Privacy
Track 3: Emerging Communication Technologies
Track 4: Machine Learning and Optimization for Wireless Systems

Looking forward to meeting you at IEEE MENACOMM’24, in the Cedars country – Lebanon!