Silvano Donati, professor at University of Pavia and founder member of the IEEE Photonics Society Italy Chapter, will provide a talk to celebrate the International Day of Light!

May 16th 2024 11:00

University of Pavia, Dept. of Electrical Computer and Biomedical Engineering, «Nave», Via Ferrata 1, Magenta Seminar Room (D floor).

Abstract: The Day of Light is an official celebration of UNESCO following the success of the 2015 Year-of-Light. In this talk we will first illustrate how light is a miracle permeating science and culture, technology and biology. Then we exemplify the applications considering two very basic fields: Photodetection (supplying us with devices for wavelength range from UV to FIR and Terahertz waves, and also single photon detectors, and ultrafast detectors), and Photonics Instrumentation (particle size sensing, rangefinders and LiDARs, interferometers for industrial measurements and Optical Coherence Tomography for biomedicine, laser and fiberoptic gyroscopes for inertial navigation.

The lecture will be streamed on the following platform:
ID riunione: 762 5256 5708  Codice d’accesso: 6VWrQc