Prof. Husham M. Ahmed is currently a faculty member at  the College of Engineering at the AMA International University – Bahrain. He was the dean of the college of engineering for four years (2015-2019). He obtained his Ph.D. and MSc degree (Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanics) from University of Strathclyde – Glasgow (U.K). His Master and doctoral thesis was conducted on the loss of coolant accident in nuclear power plants. He worked in the field of nuclear energy for more than 25 years. In last decade Prof. Ahmed initiated research work on solar thermal desalination including the investigation of parameters effecting and enhancing fresh water production from brackish and sea water. He has more than 50 published papers some of them at IEEE Xploer. He is IEEE Senior member and a senior Fellowship member in the Higher Education Academy – UK (HEA). He initiated the establishment of stuent IEEE Chapter at AMA International univerity in 2016. He participated actively in almost all IEEE activiies, workshops and conferences in the kingdom of Bahrain.