2023 EMC PhD Student Day in Hamburg

2023 EMC PhD Student Day in Hamburg Participate in an exchange of ideas with other PhD students and socialize with old and new colleagues alike in a relaxed environment for this annual event. Visit the Hamburg University of Technology and get to know the surroundings.All PhD students from Germany and other European countries currently working in EMC or whose research is related to the field of EMC are hereby invited to participate. In order to registerbefore 01. June 2023, please send an email with title „2023 EMC PhD Student Day in Hamburg“ to following address: pelin.usta@tuhh.de 13. – 14.07.2023, 9:45 – 16 Uhr, TUHH

2023 EMV Boot Camp

2023 EMV Boot Camp - Fokus Entwicklungsbegleitende EMV und Pre-Compliance Ort: Jade Hochschule, Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth, Friedrich-Paffrathstr. 10, 26389 Wilhelmshaven Zeit: 13. – 14.09.2023, 9:00 – 17 Uhr