Successful Jamal Deen DL on “Smart Sensors and Smart Homes for Ubiquitous-Healthcare – AI is a Key Enabler”

We are delighted to report on the distinguished lecture from the EDS Germany Chapter that took place on April 22, 2022. The lecture was organized by the EDS Germany Chapter and co-sponsored by the NanoP from THM – University of Applied Sciences. There were numerous IEEE participants and many non IEEE members who attended the lecture.

Distinguished University Prof. Jamal Deen started with a motivation, setting the focus on the increased life expectancy and resulting aspects of this changing boundary with respect to social, economic and health conditions. Afterwards, he introduced Smart Sensors and Smart Homes, giving several important advantages they possess to address the immense challenges for our aging society and Ubiquitous Healthcare. To reinforce his arguments, he also discussed business trends and opportunities. Dr. Deen offered a lot of use cases and the needs to enhance quality of life. One particular focus was on mobility as use case were set. Dr. Deen offered several mobility parameters and metrics, and how they are monitored and used. Examples ofmobility (walking) degradation and its root causes were discussed.

Afterwards, he started with various aspects regarding the sensor system requirements and design and needs in terms of processing with artificial intelligence. Examples for data clustering and findings were presented. Then, Dr. Deen introduced applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. He discussed and offered his thoughts on how to extract features from processed data and use them with different machine learning algorithms for classification and diagnostics. Finally, he gave an perspective of upcoming enhancements caused by artificial intelligence and how healthcare and humanity will benefit from this type of research and technology development.In particular, he emphasized that computing and engineering offers viable solutions to help overcome the challenging issues of an aging world.