IEEE EDS Mini-Colloquium on “Non-Conventional Devices and Technologies”

An IEEE EDS Mini-Colloquium on „Non-conventional Devices and Technologies“ will take place in the time frame of the “Joint Spring MOS-AK Workshop and Symposium on Schottky Barrier MOS (SB-MOS) devices”. The MQ is held on March 18th 2020 at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen – University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

IEEE Distinguished Lecturers of the IEEE EDS Mini-Colloquium:
Prof. Joachim Burghartz (Universität Stuttgart, IMS Chips, Germany)
Dr. Wladek Grabinski (MOS-AK Association, Switzerland)
Dr. Frank Schwierz (TU Illmenau, Germany)
Prof. Benjamin Iniguez (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain)
Prof. Tibor Grasser (TU Vienna, Austria)

Attendees are welcome to participate the joint R&D event. Further information is present at

Symposium of SBMOS

To register for the MOS-AK, Symposium of SB-MOS and IEEE EDS MQ use the vTools of IEEE with following link: